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Mrs Dr. med. h.c. Susanne Klein-Vogelbach laid the foundation for a highly differentiated examination and analysis of constitutions, postural stability, gait pattern and other sequences of motion. She developed efficient treatment techniques and numerous functional exercises (including the large therapy ball), which we are still valuable today and have been developed further.
If, due to deviation from normality, physical straining and discomfort occur, we can identify and treat this. With passive techniques (e.g. mobilizing massage) and specific exercises, we can solve the problem and train a better posture and optimize the coordination of motion.
The therapy is versatile: it can be used in training the posture, exercise the back (also for children and youth), in workplace ergonomics, for rehabilitation after injuries, accidents, in orthopaedic surgery or rheumatic and orthopaedic diseases and also for prevention.

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