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Kinesio taping

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Contrary to the conventional tape, kinesio taping allows movement to the full extent. It is elastic and acts like the skin. Kinesio taping is used after an exact diagnosis and indication, supportive to other forms of therapy.

Kinesio taping is a very efficient technique in physiotherapy and in sports. It is used individually and as a complementary measure in a wide variety of problems and physical ailments.
Here some applications:
Back pain, joint pains, instability of the joints, muscle tension, muscle tears, tendonitis, edema, hematoma and scar treatment.

It can support relaxation or activation of the muscles, depending on a person's disposition. Through skin irritation, clear information is transported. This can help to correct misalignments and help you learn new movements easier. Additionally it has a positive effect on blood circulation, metabolism and lymph transport, which supports the healing process.
The special material made from cotton wool with an acrylic layer is elastic. It allows air and water to reach your skin and can be worn several days, even when showering or exercising.

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