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Ultrasound and electrotherapy

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Ultrasound therapy
With a transducer head high frequency sound waves, inaudible to the human ear, are applied to the tissue. The vibrations generate an increased blood circulation, relaxation and warmth in the treatment area. They are hardly noticeable. The approximately 5 cm big transducer head is moved over the skin, with the aid of a gel. This stimulates the blood circulation underneath the skin and also the cell metabolism. It relaxes muscle tension and trigger points and is antispasmodic. Injuries to the muscles and inflammation of the tendons heal better. Bruising reduces faster, fractures heal quicker through the stimulation of the tissue regeneration. Ultrasound therapy is often used in combination with otter physiotherapeutic measures.

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TENS Transcutaneous electro nerve stimulation
This electro medical, low frequency stimulation therapy is manly used for pain relieve and improvement of the blood circulation and against chronic pain. The electrodes are bonded in the vicinity of the pain area. The current produces a slight, pleasant tingling. The aim is, to influence the nerves in such a way, that the pain transmission to the brain is reduced or prevented. With a doctor's prescription and after a professional instruction through the therapist, the patient then takes the leased equipment home. This device has then size of a cigarette box and can be carried in the pocket. The therapy should be applied several times a day for about 30 minutes.

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